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From hedonistic all-night clubs to hipster magnets and super clubs, there is no shortage of breathtaking nightlife in this part of Chile. The gay scene in Valparaiso is loud and proud, but very much in the background. If you catch an international DJ on deck, Club Divino is a mix of hipsters, hip-hop artists and even a bit of rock'n "roll.

The bar in the centre of Valparaiso is designed like an old-fashioned bar with stained glass windows. The Arboretum also has a railway garden with seven model railways, which give visitors an insight into the horticultural history of the railway.

Other venues in Valparaiso include the Chicago Street Theatre (, which often performs collaborative productions in an intimate 130-seat theater. Quinta Vergara Park is home to a variety of outdoor theaters, including the Indiana State Theater, and the only drive in Northwest Indiana - the theater is at the Theatre, circa 1956. The films recently screened in cinemas range from the classic sci-fi thriller "The Phantom of the Opera" to the recently released film "Citizen Kane" by director James Cameron.

Restaurants in Valparaiso abound and there is a great variety, so read on to find some of the best places in the list below. This small restaurant chain specializes in gourmet hamburgers combined with a wide selection of craft beers and has already opened three locations in Indiana.

The South Bend Northside Trail follows the east bank of the St. Joseph River and the southern section is south of the Green Belt Forest Preserve. The Marquette Trail offers scenic views of Lake Michigan as it passes through the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Another good park is the magnificent outdoor train in Valparaiso State Park, a popular destination for hiking, biking and camping.

It is home to the University of Valparaiso, which occupies the city center, and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the largest of its kind in the USA.

Within 25 miles of Valparaiso, you will find dozens of colleges and universities, and the city is located on Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Purdue University Northwest had a satellite campus in Valparaiso, and De Paul also has a campus at the University of Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana's second-largest university. Within a short distance from the university, you will find over sixty higher education institutions, more than a dozen of which are located just a few kilometers away.

The little-known places you visit in Valparaiso, as well as some of the most popular tourist spots in Indiana, will help make your trip through the Val Parlanceo truly unique. Below are some of my favorite places from my recent trip to Indiana's second largest city and one of its largest cities.

The Valley Line Trail is also known as Sauganash Trail and Turkey Creek Trail are two of the most popular hiking and biking trails in Valparaiso. From Friday to Sunday they also offer express service tailored to specific trains, so you can travel from the city centre to the south side of the city for a short walk or bike ride.

Vina del Mar offers a variety of cultural, sporting and other activities that attract visitors all year round. If Valparaiso continues this tradition, it will always remain an incredibly cultural place that will receive many visitors for decades to come.

The University of Valparaiso is quite typical when it comes to ethnic diversity, ranking second out of 473 in the country. Learn about the differences in education compared to universities in the rest of the world in terms of quality and diversity.

Valparaiso High School, Washington Township Middle School and the surrounding county are all in the top 50 schools in the state. Both are rated highly in terms of student achievement, with Washington Township Middle and High School ranked sixth out of all states and Washington County Elementary School ranked first.

Although the city no longer has a passenger station, it is still an important part of the American Crossing. The Chapel of the Resurrection is one of the oldest churches in Valparaiso and the oldest church in the state of Indiana with a history of over 2,000 years. One of the first colleges to admit men and women from all over the country was the University of Illinois at Chicago, founded in 1859 in Val Parlanceo. It closed its doors in 1871, only to reopen in 1870 as the Illinois Institute of Technology (now Illinois State University - Chicago), as a public college with its own campus, in 1873 of all places.

The colourful hills of Valparaiso, a World Heritage Site, are the city's main attraction, which is matched by the great theatre, whose stage overlooks the sea.

In the evening, visit one of the many restaurants in Valparaiso, such as La Piedra de Feliz, or go out and enjoy live music at La Piedras deFeliz. Santiago may be home to the largest gay scene in Bellavista, but Valpo is there for the money and, although it offers a rather bohemian nightlife, Vina is the perfect destination for those who love the good life. Art can be found in the city centre, while dancing and dancing can be found in the streets in the heart of the city, in front of a large number of shops and restaurants.

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More About Valparaiso